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20 years since Kurt Cobain died.

20 years since Kurt Cobain died.

It’s been twenty years since the tragic death of Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain. Many also feel that the grunge movement also died along with Kurt.


I remember the day Australia learnt of Cobain’s passing (yes, I’m that old). I was seven years old and it was all I heard about all day. This “Kurt Cobain” guy from “Nirvana.” I hadn’t quite hit the point where I knew the names of all the bands I’d heard on the radio. I did however grasp how big of a deal this was. I could feel the sadness and shock of the people around me who were a bit older.

Do you remember that day? Leave your experiences in the comments at the bottom of the page.

The ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Committee for those of you not in Australia) played in entirety the Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York concert that night. It was on after my bedtime though. That wasn’t going to stop me though! My house had a veranda on the front that joined onto our lounge-room with a glass panelled door. I snuck out my bedroom window and sat at the door and watched quietly.


It had a big impact on me! Here was this man that was obviously a very sad person channelling everything into this music. It all felt so real. And the underlying sadness that this man had just died and would no longer be creating music like this. I’ve never come across anything quite like the soul of Nirvana; that little essence at the center of the music that I can’t quite describe.

Two months later I received my first guitar. A yamaha nylon stringed acoustic. By this point I had listened to the Unplugged in New York CD countless times (I know this album so well. I can even recite all the talking parts between the songs. I know this album so much better than Nevermind) and I really wanted to learn to play all those songs.

I think this experience is the main reason I always gravitate more toward an acoustic guitar than an electric. Just like Unplugged in New York, the acoustic guitar feels very honest.


So sad that Kurt Cobain departed this planet twenty years ago today, but so very grateful for what he gave us while he was here.



Porcelain Pill EP diary #5 – final studio time booked!

Porcelain Pill EP diary #5 – final studio time booked!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve booked our final studio time to mix the EP! We will be finishing it all up on the 19th April. It’s really close now! We’ve got quite a bit left to do before this stage, but if we stick to our schedule, we should be all fine. Meet Phil… Continue Reading