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Farewell Madeleine

Farewell Madeleine

It’s big news time. Madeleine and I have musically parted ways. But don’t worry. We’re still great friends. Porcelain Pill will continue on. Madeleine is still making music. I’m still making music.

photo credit: Hipwell Media

Madeleine is working on some music of her own as well as working with some great other artists. Although it is sad to see her leave Porcelain Pill I am also very excited for the opportunities she has in front of her. Madeleine contributed so much to Porcelain Pill and I’m so proud of the work we did together. I really can’t thank her enough.

The future of Porcelain Pill is a little cloudy, but full of potential. What the next release will sound like and what the live line up will include is yet to be decided. Let the re-invention begin! It may be some time before I release anything new. I really want to take some time to re-address things and create something truly special. Re-invention takes time and hope you’ll be patient with me.


Keep in touch with me during this time. I love receiving emails from you, so keep them coming.

Thank you for all your support!