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“Sometime It Is” EP is released!

“Sometime It Is” EP is released!

It’s here finally! Our 2nd EP “Sometimes It Is.”

It has been a long journey to get this out and you’ve all been so supportive. So thank you!

You can find our EP on Bandcamp (purchases through bandcamp also get you a bonus hidden track), spotify, itunes, deezer, rhapsody, amazon, rdio, basically all over the place!

To all of you that funded this EP through Pozible, we owe you so much more than the rewards we’ll be mailing you. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

Another thanks to Phil Threlfall at The Base Studio for mixing; Adam Dempsey from Deluxe Mastering at Jack the Bear Studio for the Mastering Job; Yoland Kuhn at RAW artists for the initial opportunity to work with Phil; Charles Jenkins, Darren Middleton, and Adalita for your advice during the songwriting mentorship.

Now for the launch shows!

Nov 1st @ Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne (with Owen Rabbit and Cabbages & Kings)

Nov 13th @ Babushka Bar, Ballarat (with Gullivan)

Nov 21st @ The Grand Poohbah, Hobart (with Faldum and Sam Forsyth)