Porcelain Pill is the folktronica project of Adam Scott-McGuinness, a musician/producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Melbourne Australia. Originally a collaborative project between himself and Madeleine Becker, 2015 marks the beginning of Porcelain Pill as a solo project.

Porcelain Pill creates a lush musical landscape that blends traditional acoustic instruments with glitchy electronica. Adam’s lyrics have a dream-like quality that deeply connects with the listener.

“Porcelain Pill’s music creates some kind of beautiful atmosphere that I could see myself floating away in” – Darren Middleton (ex- Powderfinger).

“The band’s sound is both twee and melancholy. Scott-McGuinness has the Patrick Wolf thing going on: fierce one moment and then laconic and poetic the next.” – tonedeaf.com.au

Following on from Porcelain Pill’s 2013 win as Raw Artists Musician of the Year (Melbourne) the group went on to complete their second EP “Sometimes It Is.” During the writing process Adam completed a songwriting mentorship with Charles Jenkins, Adalita (ex- Magic Dirt), and Darren Middleton (ex- Powderfinger). The result was a highly polished and emotionally diverse set of recordings mixed by Phil Threlfall (Seth Sentry, 360, Gossling, Bertie Blackman…) and mastered by Adam Dempsey (Courtney Barnett, Jodie Lane, Katie Noonan…).

“It’s always refreshing to hear a band that ventures outside the usual guitar/drum/bass arrangement and Porcelain Pill carry it off with finesse, each instrument adding to the dreamy feel of the song rather than being included for novelty” – Claire Barley (adamnoteve.net)

Adam is taking some time off from live performance to explore and experiment with new sonic ideas that will lay the foundation for the next batch of Porcelain Pill recordings; building on the already diverse and strong songwriting of “Sometimes It Is.”

“Elliot Smith once said ‘Playing it safe is the most popular way to fail.’ That really resonated with me and is the mantra that I’m holding close while working on new music.”
Adam Scott-McGuinness (Porcelain Pill)